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The Duke’s Men

By Popular Acclaim…

Dominick Manton, the disinherited younger son of a viscount, refuses to let his lot in life ruin his future success. Instead, he opens Manton Investigations, specializing in finding missing persons, and employs his illegitimate half-sister, Lisette Bonnaud. When they take on the Duke of Lyons’ case involving their other illegitimate sibling, Tristan Bonnaud, neither realizes that they’re beginning something extraordinary. Because the secrets they uncover will rock the dukedom and alter their own futures until the agency becomes, by popular acclaim… The Duke’s Men.


Book Titles

Bridge book between The Hellions of Halstead Hall
and The Duke’s Men series

‘Twas the Night After Christmas

Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, meets his match in this Christmas hardcover…
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Sizzling short story featuring the dashing Dr. Worth

Dorinda and the Doctor

Available for the first time digitally. Dr. Worth and young widow Dorinda Nunley attempt to teach a matchmaking duchess a lesson, and realize they suit each other far better than they ever dreamed.

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Note: These books are a series in the sense that they are set in a shared world and some characters make appearances in later books. They can, however, easily be standalones. Feel free to jump in wherever you like.


1: What the Duke Desires

Maximilian Cale, the Duke of Lyons, accepted long ago that his kidnapped brother was dead. When a cryptic note from investigator Tristan Bonnaud claims otherwise, Max seeks out Tristan’s sister, Lisette—and is infuriated to learn that Tristan has also…
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2: When the Rogue Returns

A brazen jewelry heist launches a decade-long separation for Victor Cale, cousin to the Duke of Lyons, and his shy, new wife. Once reunited, they must unravel a mystery ten years in the making…
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3: How the Scoundrel Seduces

When an unsolved family mystery shatters Lady Zoe Keane’s world, she hires the dangerously
seductive Tristan Bonnaud, private investigator for the Duke’s Men, to search for the woman
who will determine her destiny.
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4: If the Viscount Falls

When Dominick Manton’s former fiancée and forever love calls on the agency to help track down her missing, and possibly endangered, cousin, the estranged pair become entangled in a mysterious investigation that brings their past desire for one another full-circle.

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