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Silver Deceptions

Writing as: Deborah Martin

Silver Deceptions

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Adoring audiences called Annabelle Taylor: “The Silver Swan.” She was a new actress in the London theater, who wrapped herself in mystery. It was all a carefully planned deception to lead her to the aristocrat who had fathered her and abandoned her mother long ago.

Now her instincts warned her to be wary of Colin Jeffreys, the dashing, silver-tongued Marquis of Hampden, who had been sent to ferret out Annabelle’s secrets using kisses and promises as his bait. Sparring with words, battling with wits, they danced a quadrille of half-truths and innuendos. They made worthy adversaries, but what they soon longed for was a night of passion. And when Annabelle’s vengeful quest trapped her in a nest of deceit and treachery, she knew she would have to place all her faith in this man whom she could neither trust nor resist… though it meant abandoning old loyalties to pledge a new allegiance to their unbreakable bond of love.